Politics as a Witch

Don't call yourself a witch and say you don't get into politics. Your very existence is political. And to even mutter that you don't get into politics shows how privileged you are, how ignorant you are and how much more work you need to do on yourself. You aren't listening to the universe and therefore not listening to spirit. Regardless of your path your role is to maintain the sanctity of the universe, starting with the ground you walk on. Again, this is the difference between someone who is doing the work and someone who is just calling themselves a witch. Your ancestors died for your right to be a free thinker, the right to vote, having basic human rights and to be able to practice whatever faith without the fear of brutality. You are one of the lucky ones. Some of our ilk do not have that privilege so it is up to the rest of us to liberate them and stand up to hatred, bigotry, racism and the other injustices. This includes all walks of life. THIS. IS. OUR. JOB. The world is suffering too much for you not to care. And if you still don't after reading this, please step down and put your rose coloured glasses on because the rest of us have work to do!

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