The Arte of Skull Candle Magick

Some practitioners like myself use skull candles in a similar manner to a poppet. Some will hollow out the mouth of the poppet/doll and fill it in with alum or tobacco to stop the specific individual from speaking ill of you or those you are trying to protect. The eye sockets can be filled in with wax, or you can stick sharp objects like pins or nails in them which will prevent a person from noticing them either visually or psychically, or in other cases to give them migraine headaches by sticking nails or pins above the eyes or the temples. I really like railway spikes or a staple gun.
Some prefer to work with skull candles when the moon is in the Fire sign of Aries and that's because Aries is the ruler of the head. Another option is to do your work while the moon is in the sun sign of the person whom the candle is for (if you have that much information on them.)
First and foremost, you need to protect yourself before you use any of these candles and you need to answer this question, truthfully “Is what I am about to do justified?” Cursing someone is heavy but you really need to think about it if you’re doing it out of jealousy, envy, lack of confidence in yourself. There is a very thin line between revenge and just not getting your way. You need to sit with your decision before you act on it. Always sit with it. Taking that extra time will allow whatever irrational anger you have and what you will have left is what your purpose is. If it is justified, then proceed but as I said, you need to protect yourself first. How do we do that? I choose to use a full cleansing ritual which includes a smoke ceremony, cleansing bath, meditation and anointing myself with a protection oil that I make myself.    
To prepare your candle, you should hollow the areas out that you’d like to target on the person (soldering iron works wonders) and proceed load it with this persons personal essence. If you have saved anything, a little bit of hair or nail clippings, a straw, cigarette, or a piece of clothing they wear and even their handwriting. Anything that is a representation of them and their essence.
You can carve the persons name across their forehead to really personalize this work. In the case of reversing a spell, you would need to write the name in reverse.
The last step is to dress your candle with the appropriate oil(s) and place your petition underneath the candle itself. I also like to dress my candle with herbs and powders over the skull in order to charge my work to its capacity (I make these if you should you ever require it). When the time is right to light the candle speak your petition and make it absolutely known as to your intention and the desired result. Many of us will speak to the candle everyday as it is now an actual person. Scream at them, whisper in their ears taunting them. You are the reason why this will work or fail so you need to put in the work!
The big debate not is whether to let it burn out or to burn it over the course of up to a week. You will know what’s right, though I can tell you that a week will be impactful than an evening. Please be mindful that if the petition pertains to something you want to be brought to you or returned to you, after you write out your petition, fold the paper towards you and if it’s something you want to banish then fold the paper away from you.
When your work and the spell has been fulfilled and come to an end you will to burn the petition and then dispose of it and the remains of your candle and any affects you have added. There are different methods of disposal depending on the work being done. Bury on your property if you want it for yourself and if you need to get rid of it dispose of it at a crossroads or in running water (running in a current away from you, not towards as I am under the impression that you are welcoming it back if you’re not careful).
Here are options in colour of candle and what they mean:
Black - Cursing, hexing, Breaking bonds (whether mental, emotional or physical) and general cursing and binding
Green - Luck, Money, Gambling, Prosperity and Justice

Red - Friendship, Love, Marriage (work towards marriage or increase the positivity of it), Passion, Lust

White - healing, protection, uncrossing, removing negativity, general magick and also a neutral colour in the event that no other colour is available to you
I hope this brings you more knowledge, helps answers some questions you may have had and opens up new paths for you to delve into.

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