The Blood of Isis

The Blood of Isis

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The Blood of Isis

This class is a sacred journey into the mysteries of the divine Goddess Isis, a beacon of wisdom, magic, and feminine power. As an alchemist and a witch, I am thrilled to invite fellow seekers to join me on July 13th at 1pm EST at the Daughters of the Black Moon market, where we will embark on a profound exploration of Isis and the sanctity of the High Priestess.

Throughout history, Isis has captivated hearts and minds with her multifaceted nature, embodying aspects of motherhood, magic, and sovereignty. In this class, we will delve deep into her origins, tracing her ancient lineage and uncovering the rich tapestry of myths and symbols that surround her.

But this is not merely a lecture; it is a workshop of transformation and creation. Together, we will craft sacred charms and amulets imbued with the essence of Isis, tapping into her divine energy to bring blessings, protection, and guidance into our lives.

Whether you choose to attend in person or join us via Zoom on July 20th at 7pm EST, this experience promises to be both enlightening and empowering. You can select the class alone, the kit alone, or both to fully immerse yourself in the magic of Isis (all options are present for both in-person and online). We will sink into sacred space to call ourselves forward as we dance in trance feeling our way through her myriad of hushed songs and actually get to know Her. The online class will also be live and recorded on Zoom!

***The Chest will be sent out before the online class so that we can do the workshop together and at the market for those who have purchased the in-person option***

I am honoured to facilitate this gathering of witches who feel the call of Isis and are ready to walk her path, unveiling her mysteries and reclaiming the ancient wisdom that lies dormant within us all. Join me as we honour the divine feminine and embrace the power of the High Priestess.


The Chest will include:

  • Mother of the Gods Candle
  • Lady Aset Bath
  • Isis Perfume
  • Isis Tea
  • Isis Invicta Ointment
  • Queen of Heaven Ritual Oil
  • Iset em Renu Nebu Incense
  • Consecrated Isis Sigil
  • Mini kit for the charm we make for Isis
  • Carnelian