The Serpents of Old Collection

The Serpents of Old Collection

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All through history, we have misunderstood the serpent.

The patriarchy have given us the societal ideology that serpents have fallen from divinity. But, we see the divine Snake, representative of the goddess and female creative nature being hunted and killed by a god – falling in status from Creator to the incarnation of evil. This theme is found over and over through many european tales and religious text.

This collection put them on display for what they are.



Primal Energy

A cosmic force







The Collection contains:

Lilith: The Black Lotus Ritual Body Oil:

The Black Lotus. Growing from the mud and murky water to grow independently towards the sky. Birthed in the last place you'd ever think to find something so beautiful and so misunderstood. Rare, proud, mysterious and ancient.

While a black lotus doesn't truly exist, I have decided to make my devotional offering to Lilith be called The Black Lotus. An homage to her and her rarity. Born of pain and discomfort just to transform her own existence into one of pure power and her own form of divinity.

I decided to go with a body oil because it really is the only option. When I think of the Hand of Ishtar, I think of enveloping myself in that ancient serpent path of renewal and annihilation respectfully entangled together like twin serpents.

She smells divine and I can't wait for you to anoint your entire selves with her perfume.

Contains: Lotus, Lily, Apple, Oud, Poppy, Peony, Rose and Jojoba oil. 

Protectress Medusa Ritual Perfume:

Misrepresented, misused and misunderstood is part of the duality of Medusa.

Guardian, protectress and Warrior, she protects those who are loyal to her and continues to represent the grit of woman.

My appreciation for Medusa has been a decades long endeavour but recently she has become one of my primary devotions.

People fear what they don't know about her. Anything associated with serpents and their wisdom often scare those too afraid to change their judgment.

Medusa took what was forced upon her and created a standard. A level of feminism and matronly power few can ever receive or practice.

I've made this devotional offering for her to keep her with me. To invite her into my work and into the person I am. The serpent path and all who have paved it are confided in every one of us. Take this opportunity to learn their tongue.

Contains: Bergamot, Mirabelle, Black Raspberry, Rose, Geranium, Peony, Dark Vanilla, Labdanum, Vetiver, Balsam, Musk. 

Lucifarium Incense:

A symbol of non-servitude, rebellion, applied and enlightened knowledge. Beauty without restraint. Bearer of the brightest light that lights the way for every outcast over a millennia towards liberation and the truth.

A contract bound by the sincerest of intention and practice.

It contains herbs, minerals and resins agreed upon in ritual. 

Ouroboros Liniment:

A healing ointment created to represent the alchemist: Ouroboros. A symbol of unity, healing, cyclical overturn of the self. This ointment is created to not only help the user through working with their shadow self but also as a healing salve.

Beautifully created with Calendula, Lemon Balm and Comfrey and steeped in Jojoba oil.


Emerald strengthens our connection to divine energies by opening our heart and mind. It represents unconditional compassion, love, and acceptance in every form and highly amplifies our intuition.

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