Secure Your Armour Ritual Soak

Secure Your Armour Ritual Soak

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We have lots of paths to walk and innovate.

Don’t let anything stand in your way.

Secure your armour.

Psychic and powerful.


The importance of a ritual bath is imperative to my practice and how I begin all product making and ritual work.

It cleanses you and protects you psychically and spiritually. It’s meant to purify you and prepare you for what you need to get done. I make a batch of these every month that I keep on my altar and use it sparingly as I need it and it has always lead to amazing work; both personally for myself but mentally while I deal with the business side of my practice. And now, I want to share it with you.

You are most vulnerable and exposed while in a bath. You bring all of your emotions into this ritual of self care and hope to come out of it refreshed and renewed. This recipe is made with plants, minerals, resins and stones that help to ground, sheath you in a second skin and allow you to see things for what they are and be able to either tackle them head on or avoid them entirely. It also works well as an Auric barrier and was originally going to be called Auric Armour.

My intentions for this ritual bath is that it will be used to secure you, embrace you and ground you. That when you feel called to protect and empower yourself, that you have this little self ritual to build your armour and champion all those who stand before you!

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