Queen of Winter

Queen of Winter

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The Veiled One

The Ruler of Winds

The Queen of Winter

Callieach Beur

The crunch of the snow can be felt underfoot as she, Queen of All that is around her balances on her staff. Her pelts dancing rhythmically as she makes her way to her old cottage. Aromas waft from the stone chimney, weaving in and around branches, perfuming her woods in old forgotten fruits, spices and sap foraged from her children.

Dedicated to the ruler of winter, Callieach Beur (pronounced Ka-li-agh). She who watches over the flora and fauna through the harshness of winters.

Called The Cailleach, or the hag, she has been feared, revered and held in high regard among many Celtic cultures in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man, for centuries.

The Queen of Winter is also the goddess of the winter months and creates landscapes. Know for her wisdom and knowledge, she is seen as the old Crone who watches over all that she rules like her grandchildren.

Her lore is told through a symphony of woodsy, floral and spices hints to create a wearable story and an homage to the Queen of Winter.


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