Aphrodite Devotional Chest

Aphrodite Devotional Chest

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Aphrodite is always associated with romance in partnership and love. Lust and passion. Beauty. Most people don't realize that she is so much more. She is radical self love with fiery passion. Aphrodite provokes us to think outside of codependency and look at yourself as our greatest relationship. Because while other may provide us with moments of fulfillment, we are the only ones that can truly make us happy.

Inside this chest are carefully crafted offerings to bring attention to the self and the ability to shed light on the areas of the self that we need to bring more love to. All offerings made under Venus and charged under a new and full moon.

- Ethereal Love Tea

- Aphrodite Perfume

- Venus Body Oil

- Love devotional candle

- Aphrodite Ritual Oil

- Sacred Heart Ritual Bath

- Self love Oil

Limited quantity is available for this upcoming Valentine's Day!