Cellar Door Liniment
Cellar Door Liniment
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Cellar Door Liniment

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When I was younger I used to visit different planes. Some up above, some down below and some mirroring mine.

The one on this level I used to visit was only attainable through the woods. I would travel, hand-in-hand with a passed on relative of mine and come to the door. I was hypnotized by it's secretive allure.

Deep in the woods.

In behind the Ivy which hung from the shallow branches of a Willow Tree.

Feet away from a stream that orchestrated the sweetest melody of crickets and toads.

The Cellar Door.

And what lay beyond the door was freedom. A version of yourself that communicated freely and understood so much more in this world.

This Ointment... or Liniment is meant for the pulse points during:






And other variations that you need to sit with and personalize to your own craft.

Safe and beautiful travels.

My intention for this offering is that it will be used intuitively. When the calling starts and the desire to learn and grow is far too loud to ignore. To be used as a tool for amplifying what you require to do the work and to show you how to reveal your true gifts.

Made with: Parsley, Sandalwood, Bay Leaf, Cinquefoil, Poppy, Mugwort (sparingly), Wormwood (sparingly) and Rainbow Moonstone.


Not to be used if pregnant or nursing.

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