Dark Arts - Scented Candle

Dark Arts - Scented Candle

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As you cross the threshold of the darkest wing of the manor, you are greeted with ancient aromas. Opening doors to a smoke and incense filled room. Your eyes study the priceless artifacts as you set your gaze on the cloaked individual, stirring a well-loved cauldron.

"You're just in time for today's lesson," you hear them say as they drop an unidentifiable object into the bubbling liquid.

The Dark Arts Scented Candle is a soy wax candle deliciously scented with an homemade blend of essential oils, infusions, minerals and resins. This candle is set to burn for approximately 52+ hours.

Vegan. Small Batch. Handmade.

Star Notes: Birch, Wisteria, Smoke, Musk, and Nutmeg.
Characteristics: ancient, smoky, spicy with unexpected dreamy floral notes.
Ingredients: Essential Oils, Infusions, Paraffin-free Soy Wax, Cotton Wick.






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