Devotion Candle

Devotion Candle

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A love letter to the self.
Worked under the Goddess Aphrodite, these self-devotion love candles are here to deepen relationships with the self.
As witches, it is important that we maintain that powerful relationship of love and devotion because the most important relationship we have is the one that we have with ourselves.
This offering of self-love is charged to align with the heart chakra being completely heart focused.
Light this spell candle while you whisper loving affirmations about yourself into the flame. Write a love letter to yourself and put it under the candle to set your intentions. Watch as the fire dances to your words.


This spell candle absorbs and grows with the love that you feed it. With every light, it evolves and blooms with deeper devotions, deeper meaning and confidence in the self.

More affirmations or added work can be added to your spell candle.
Dressed with love centred flora, minerals, resins and charged on an Aphrodite Altar with Rose Quartz.

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