Divining Through Shadows

Divining Through Shadows

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A six-part course where we dive in to create a companionship with the self through learning to trust our most inner gifts. Removing societal embraces and replacing them with our own authentic spiritual calling.

Through this work, you will have started a Personal Grimoire that will strengthen your relationship with your spirits, ancestors and the path(s) you are on.



We talk about Shadow Work; about removing what "no longer serves". But that is but ONE variation of the concept and frankly, the less important when it comes to learning how to handle everyday situations. It is the adverse effect of meeting with your shadows.

Embracing them like an old friend as you move through different phases of yourself in order to find the most authentic version of who you truly are.

You are magical. Enormously so. You were opened up to this moment in time, place in existence in a field of timelines where you carry your karmic debts and life.

As we age, we dim ourselves, whether by our own doing or by another. It is a natural conclusion to living in a society so hardened and jaded by hypocrisy and greed; manipulation and false ideologies. But even through all of this, that most attuned version of ourselves never truly leaves us. It hibernates, ready to bloom once more when we truly discover who we really are.

Each class works out to be $33. The number 33 represents regaining control, selflessness, removing blocks and connects the physical self to the spiritual.


Who is this for?

This course is for anyone who is ready to finally be done hiding who they truly are. Anyone who is ready to create healthy boundaries, speak with conviction and distinguish for themselves, what is and is NOT working for them.

Anyone in their practice, whether seasoned or new to their craft can find value in deepening their relationship with the parts of them that can awaken them and attune them to their most important parts of yourself.

This course isn't to delve into exposing your inner child and creating deep vulnerability. It is for whatever part of you that wants to surface and be freed of any judgment, mental obstructions and free your inner gifts that are currently hidden.

There is no need to delve into trauma by forcing you to rehash those memories. This course is a way for you to feel out the precise areas of yourself that you shut off your true sense of power.

Your inner self is protected and it can remain that way while feeling the freedom to loosen past holds and taking control of your life.

From the comfort of your safe space.

On your time.

In your personal way.

This is a six part course and though each will be live with journal prompts, meditations, workshops it by no means requires you to do it while the class is happening. You may feel more comfortable just listening to the class, receiving the sheets and doing it alone... that's still doing the work! Consent is crucial and any way it calls for you to do this particular work, is exactly how it should be done.

Pages will be sent night of class. These pages will come to form a Personal Power Grimoire. For you and you alone.



Every New Moon!

June 28th - 8PM EST

July 28th - 8PM EST

August 27th - 8PM EST

September 25th - 8PM EST

October 25th - 8PM EST

November 23rd - 8PM EST


** I am not a therapist by any means, but in a community setting, I think it is the right thing to do, to have this opportunity to tie our personal practice with how we are conditioned to receive it. I will never pull something out of you that is beyond the scope of what a teacher would ask. And if something isn't calling to you, do not do it. You are in control. But there needs to be more healing in this community and less hierarchy. Ego is the biggest weakness to be shed  **