March Crow Full Moon Candle

March Crow Full Moon Candle

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New beginnings.
Heart healing.
Leo drawing.
Managing emotions instead of avoidance.

The March Crow Full Moon is a time to open up and take in what the universe has to offer. The Crow, a messenger, taking flight and spreading its wisdom far and wide.

Reprogramming emotions as we go back and forth, protecting our fiery drive through this beautiful lunar cycle.

These candles are crafted in ritual and charged to energize your intentions and clear your doubts when it comes to the work this full moon. Allow this divination tool to diffuse unwanted emotions and umbrella you in ritual smoke of protection.

** Each candle comes with an information card and a single tarot card pull **

Dressed with herbs of Leo and Aries.

My intentions for this candle is that it will be used intuitively in your Full Moon ritual work and with other intentions you have. That when you feel called to do so, it comes to you naturally and honestly.