Plant Spirit Rollers

Plant Spirit Rollers

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Who is your plant ally? Who do you go to for your most powerful and sovereign work? All of have a handful of spirit governed flora that aid us in our spell crafting and personal practice.

What grows around you in abundance?
What calls to you when you are in need of spirit medicine?
Which plant produces an aroma so transcending that it allows you to cross the threshold of this realm?

Introducing the Plant Spirit line which includes the divine wearable spells of:

🌿 Calendula
🌿 Lavender
🌱 Chamomile
🌿 Hibiscus
🌱 Rosemary
🌿 Dragons Blood
🌱 Frankincense and Myrrh
🌿 Cedar
🌱 Rose
🌿 Blue Lotus

More to follow in the future!

Wearable plant spirits, concocted in ritual and charged under Mercury ✨