Queen of Witches

Queen of Witches

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Do you work with the Mother and Queen of Witches?

Do you feel called to her? Do you know how to go to her?

Do her mysteries appeal to you?

How do you pay devotions and offerings?

As a long-time practitioner and devotee of Hekate, this entire class, workshop and devotional rite came through ritual with Her. Singing her song through honouring Her traditions and sovereignty.

In Queen of Witches we will be delving into all things Hekate. Her history, devotions, daughters, followers, rituals, rites and ceremonial worship.

There are two options available:

1. Class only - Comes with literature for your grimoires and the guided meditation to the realm of the Queen of Witches.

2. Hekate Package - Comes with everything above but also a kit including:

- Hekate Ritual Bath

- Hekate Ritual Incense

- Hekate Ritual Oil

- Hekate Ritual Mini Candle