Tarot - Initiatory Elements

Tarot - Initiatory Elements

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In this seven-part class we will discuss deeply about the Tarot as a Divination tool and divine instrument in awakening your abilities to tap into spirit and communicate with those seen and unseen. Being a metaphysical and scientific discipline, we will uncover its many mysteries, apply it to our practices and use it in a way to make informed decisions. You will learn how to take what hides in the unconscious parts of yourself into the consciousness of your minds-eye.

Respecting this art as a wise and revered mentor will create more opportunities for activating your capabilities.

In this class you will:

  • Learn the correspondences of the Major, Minor and Court Cards
  • Find comprehensive ways in using this form of communication to better and aid in personal growth
  • Uncover the medicine hidden within to reveal necessary healing required
  • Learn with confidence how to use Tarot and be able to take this arte and share it with those who trust you with this work

Class Layout:

  • Class One - Introduction into Tarot / History (and why it is calling to you)
  • Class Two - The Major Arcana (upright and reversed)
  • Class Three - The Minor Arcana "The Pips" (upright and reversed)
  • Class Four - Court Cards (upright and reversed)
  • Class Five - Choosing a Deck and how to consecrate it
  • Class Six - The Anatomy of Tarot (based on the classic Rider Waite

**Each class will come with a PDF afterward with important information for safe keeping. Each class will be recorded and sent out within 48 hours of the live recording.**


Limited spots are available for every round of classes