The Black Lotus Lilith Perfume

The Black Lotus Lilith Perfume

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This delectable reaper
Her eyes were profound
They drew him in deeper
Until he was drowned
Hurled on the shore
Of the world underground
Lilith Immaculate
- Cradle of Filth






The Black Lotus. Growing from the mud and murky water to grow independently towards the sky. Birthed in the last place you'd ever think to find something so beautiful and so misunderstood. Rare, proud, mysterious and ancient.

While a black lotus doesn't truly exist, I have decided to make my devotional offering to Lilith be called The Black Lotus. An homage to her and her rarity. Born of pain and discomfort just to transform her own existence into one of pure power and her own form of divinity.

Passionflower - Star Apple - Sweet Orange - Water and Blue Lotus - Amber - Sandalwood - Oud