The Dumb Supper

The Dumb Supper

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On this Holy night, we honour liminal grounds with blood of youth and ash of old.
I see your hair through the swaying trees.
I feel your presence in our dear Magdalene.

Forever bringing clarity to all that we do.
Forever holding space as you have for us.

Thinking about your footprint on our hearts and your words on our souls.

Tonight we hold a Dumb Supper for you.

Take a journey hand-in-hand with those seen and unseen.

An intimate gathering between practitioners and their departed loved ones.

During this ritual, we will traverse the veil in the fog to honour, remember and pay homage. We will share space not only with those we know, but to pay tribute and welcome those who have not been remembered.

We will learn about the history of the Dumb Supper and we will tailor it to our online approach. And in this online setting, we can sit with friends living and deceased to help grieve and hold space for another.

A PDF will be sent with activities like petitions and meditative thoughts along with a formal invitation letting you know what to bring.

This is a great opportunity for those who have been taping into their more Psychic Witch abilities and have been hearing, seeing, touching and smelling more activities and entities around them.

A pilgrimage down tradition and honour. A living vessel for Ancestral Honour.


Going live at 9pm EST! Wednesday, November 1st, 2023