The Witch of the Woods Scented Candle

The Witch of the Woods Scented Candle

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The Witch of the Woods

A calm fog rolls through the leaves,
A voice humming a lullaby through the trees.

So lovely, so dark,
So lovely, so dark.

Lithe branches, an extension of her embrace,
While the pale moonlight revealing the forest and its haunting grace.

So dark, so lovely,
So dark, so lovely.

The Witch of the Woods Scented Candle is a soy wax candle deliciously scented with an homemade blend of essential oils, infusions, minerals and resins. This candle is set to burn for approximately 52+ hours. 8oz

Vegan. Small Batch. Handmade.

Star Notes: Cedarwood, Amber, Vanilla, Tobacco, Mandarin, Mahogany and Cardamom.
Characteristics: Woodsy, isolated cottage in the forest peppered with hanging herbs.
Ingredients: Essential Oils, Infusions, Paraffin-free Soy Wax, Cotton Wick.

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