The Crossraods

The Crossraods

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Which path are you on right now?
Which path do you want to tap into?
Who are you invoking?
Are you ready to light the fire within?



Hekate hand-dipped soy candles. Torches for the road present and the road ahead. Twin guardians that allow for the user to work with one intention at a time or both. Creation and motivation are truly amplified in the hands of the practitioner and with your intention along with direct communication to spirit, you have the opportunity to see ahead and make adjustments now. Hekate presides over all and gives us the freewill to make mistakes, learn from them and grow organically.

On one hand you have the torch bearing crimson red offering protection, passion, fire and ancestral energy. Here we find our grounding, our purpose and our right to claim ourselves under her watchful gaze.

And on the other, we have the torch of pitch offering liminal light, a key to the unseen and an unfolding to the road ahead with a tapped in eye. Chthonic energy and presence isn't just the Underworld but a road map that is underutilized. It branches off into where we are now and how we want to proceed. You can see much clearer in the darkness because we are accustomed to bright light in this realm. When we sleep, it is an ethereal escape from the mundane into the truth, our lids close to present an array of truth hidden behind curtains of skin.

Hekate does not hold ones hand but does offer support, loyalty and companionship who are truly disciplined enough to receive her.

The Red Torch is dressed with Hekate Witch Oil and the wax infused with sacred herbs including Lavender, Mugwort, Dittany of Crete and Bay Laurel and Yarrow.

The Black Torch is dressed with Hekate Witch Oil & Chthonic Witch Oil and the wax infused with sacred herbs including Datura, Eyebright, Wolfsbane, Poppy and Tobacco.

Time to reflect, reconnect and stand in your power.