The Witch

The Witch

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From the dirt we rise.
From the ashes we fly.
From the blood we crawl.

The Witch is the entity who trips over Magick and falls into rivers of stars and roots.

Dances the threshold of veiled spaces.

The Witch balances the light and dark and orchestrates all the phases of the moon to amplify their will.

The Witch takes their power back when it is siphoned from them.

Complex and triptych in aura and approach.

And from this, The Witch fragrance was born.

Through the dense scarlet leaves, the witches float towards the clearing. The procession is filled with the aroma of fresh graveyard dirt, Blue Lotus, worn leather, dhalias, kava kava, pomegranate, patchouli, amber, dark mahogany woods, poppy, worn leather and vanilla and sweet moss. They bless the spirits of the land with their essence of rose hued lips and smoked tongues.

Blessed be the Witches 🖤

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