Maiden and Crow was founded in 2016 by Death Weaver and House Witch, Marli Medeiros. Marli comes from a long line of solitary practitioners and has founded her paths around Ancestral work that embodies many other cultures. Maiden and Crow's mission is to help evolve this community into a more inclusive age while still maintaining respect and honour for others, regardless of faith base.


 Marli has been a devoted Witch for over 20 years and a High Priestess initiated into her craft formally in 2014 within one of her devotional paths.

The reason why this is called the Collective and not just the brand title is because it takes a village to raise a single idea. There is no growth where there is no shedding.

So thank you for visiting this website and even if you don't find anything that you want to adopt into your craft, I hope you leave feeling lighter and happier.

Blessed be the Witches that honour the old ways!