Witch/Spell Jars

Witch/Spell Jars

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For many centuries Witch Bottles have been found around the world. Their intentions and uses vary but it is known that what they carry, is the strongest of spells.

Maiden and Crow Witch Bottles will be a custom spell for each client. All spell work and intention is doable, but within reason and with just cause. This is a collaborative piece and no artifact can be replicated.

We uphold the three-fold rule and therefore will never do any spell work that will put you, a stranger to us or ourselves in jeopardy. There is a place for cursing, jinxing and binding but as with everything in life, heavy consideration needs to be made beforehand.

They are made for:

- Protection
- Self-Love (we don’t do love spells as that is a form of manipulation through unjust cause with zero consent)
- Health to you or others
- For a new home
- As an offering to the spirits that are in your home
- Cursing, binding and Jinxing.

The intention and work are to be communicated through Messages to ensure clarity, privacy and authenticity.

**These items take longer than regular offerings. Much like our Scrying Mirrors, they are tailored to the buyer explicitly and therefore more attention to you and your needs are what craft this piece. That being said, it may take upwards of a month**

My intention for this custom offering is that it will be handled intuitively in your Rituals and magic. This is an extension of your personal path, intentions, dark and light and in this work you are able to create little time capsules of magic and tradition around you to recharge you when you need to the energy and to remind you when you have forgotten your power.

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