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Beltane Chest

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Beltane or May Day is an ancient Celtic holiday, celebrated on May 1st. A fertility festival and a day to celebrate nature’s ability to reproduce. Prayers would be offered to their fields so they would be fertile and their summer harvests bountiful. Beltane marks the midpoint between the Spring Equinox & the Summer Solstice.

Our Sabbat Chests are intended to welcome the new practitioner who wants a good place to start practicing the craft and to those of us who do not have certain tools available to us or are in a spot where something like a collection of offerings, benefits them.

When I started practicing years ago, I did not have anything like this available to me. The idea of a shop putting something like this together would have been so amazing to behold, especially when I lived in a city where being solitary was more of a forced thing due to not many practitioners of my ilk.

So let Beltane come to you.

This chest for Beltane includes:

- Lily of the Veil Fragrance

Lily of the Veil Fragrance is crafted after the sacred flora that grows in abundance for me around my home, my safe space. This fragrance is made to help Veiled Ones cross over for the most sacred of workings through aroma and intention.

- Beltane fixed votive candle

The Beltane Fixed Votive is created and dressed for basic Beltane rituals and rites. Even to be lit for the Old Ones that come through.

- May Queen Ritual Bath

The May Queen Ritual Bath is done in love of the Fae Queen and her many forms. The Triple Goddess and her many forms. The Living Divinity that makes up OUR many forms. A Sacred Soak to be used in a bath or used, bagged, at our feet in the shower or foot bath to bless us from the bottom up as we walk our work with sacred intention.

- Beltane Ritual Oil

The Beltane Ritual Oil is multipurpose in all of its forms. It is popular as a dressing oil for this time of the year BUT it is also widely used year round as an ABUNDANCE oil and a potent Fae Offering. The uses are many and the results are truly breathtaking.

- Liminal Ritual tea

Liminal Ritual Tea is one of the newer teas that will be in the shop permanently this summer. Its purpose is to be a portal for any sacred working within the Realms that call to us. Old Rites and Hedge Crossing start within. We can say words and hope for it to happen, but preparations like Ritual Bathing and Ritual Tea drinking allows the user to create space inside and out. As Above/So Below is this working and this special brew transports you to the space which calls you.

- Tir Na Nog Ritual Incense

Tir Na Nog Ritual Incense is by far, one of my most favourite incenses. While it is an offering to the multi-faced ones categorically and magickally, it also allows the user to receive the KEYS, MYSTERIES and personal messages that these misunderstood entities have in a safe way. To be transported to Tir Na Nog, the Otherworld, is to commune with this realm of health, love, happiness and joy.

- Info Sheet
- Spells and recipes

All offerings include herbs, resins, flora and minerals that correspond with Beltane.

My intention for this chest is that it be used intuitively in your Rituals and magick. New life, new love, new happiness, new doors and a new you.

Blessings to you.