Crown Chakra Spirit Oil

Crown Chakra Spirit Oil

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The Crown Chakra is the ultimate source of connection to the Divine and our Higher Selves and the Universe.

The Crown Chakra allows for the experiences of unity and universal connectedness, as well as the integration of the whole. It has a masculine energy and is represented by the colour violet, or sometimes white, while its symbol is a circle with one thousand petals.

The Crown Chakra is located at the top and center of the head. It houses the muscular system, all of our skin, the central nervous system, the skeletal system, the cerebral cortex and our muscular system.

When the Crown Chakra is blocked up and imbalanced, it can cause mental stress which is visible through physical stress and visual signs. The symptoms of an imbalance are:

  • No trust in the Divine and Universe due to unresolved anger towards faith and spirituality
  • Disconnected from your inner self
  • Feeling alone
  • Unable to let go of anxiety and fear
  • Not trusting your true path

The roller is made up of herbs, minerals, crystals and resins to support in that grounding, centering and re-connection with the rest of your chakras.