Heart Chakra Spirit Oil

Heart Chakra Spirit Oil

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The Heart Chakra is the liaison between our physical and spiritual selves. Its location and importance make it pivotal in this connection. It is how we align and ascend our High Selves. The Heart Chakra symbol is a green lotus with 12 petals. In this symbol, the lotus petals represent the 12 qualities of the heart. The center of the Heart Chakra mandala contains a six-pointed star.

The Heart Chakra is at the center of the chest. It maintains the heart, shoulders, arms, ribs, breasts, lungs, pericardium, circulatory system and diaphragm. It is what allows us to feel deeply and connect fully not only to others but to ourselves. It is about genuine love and hope. Compassion and joy.

When the Heart Chakra is blocked up and imbalanced, it can cause mental stress which is visible through physical stress and visual signs. The symptoms of an imbalance are:

  • Difficulty loving yourself
  • Feel undeserving of love
  • Resentment
  • Heartache
  • Grief
  • Not connected to the self
  • Difficulty receiving love

The roller is made up of herbs, minerals, crystals and resins to support in that grounding, centering and re-connection with the rest of your chakras.