October Blood Full Moon Candle

October Blood Full Moon Candle

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A lot of uncertainty has clouded our resolve this year. We have lost so much:
So much time.
So many friends.
So many family members.
So much of us.


With the thinning of the veil among us once again, we look towards the hedge to meet our loved ones and ourselves in order to find strength, love, closure and justice.

So many we know have not been able to see to a proper goodbye or sendoff. Even our cycle of death has been left in a state of limbo.

We need to come back.

These candles will be dressed with the intent that you choose. Whether it just be yourself or if you message us to let us know a loved ones(') name.

The year has almost concluded so let's see to those who have not gone softly and tenderly and make sure spirit pays everyone proper farewell or funeral rites that you can take part in properly.