Litha Midsummer Sabbat Chest

Litha Midsummer Sabbat Chest

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The time has come to burn the fires that claim power. Awakening the thrice-faced Watchers, Sekhmet, Hestia, Vesta, Freyja and Aine.

Chaos of ember forged in the Horned Goddess.

Beautiful Litha is a Sabbat I have not done much with when it comes to offerings but I have always celebrated her bright energy. This year, we have curated a gorgeous and deeply awakening Sabbat Chest that houses Midsummer and the energy it brings.

Each offering included provides an unraveling so that the practitioner can step into that solar spirit that ignites the fires within.

Included offerings are:

- Horned Goddess Fragrance
- Litha Ritual Oil
- Litha Ritual Candle
- Sekhmet Ritual Incense
- Freyja's Fire Ritual Bath
- Info sheet
- Ritual Offering