Winter Solstice - Assembly of Witches

Winter Solstice - Assembly of Witches

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You are cordially invited to join us, my ancestors, deities and myself for our first annual Winter Solstice Assembly of Witches!

It is my first time ever holding of a convocation in this setting. More than a traditional circle, or the Dumb Supper I have been hosting for a few years now, this will be a communion that is both personal and public. Raising intention, energy and holding those who really need it and purifying those who are absorbing. Transmuting energy in a balance while we usher in the New Year and prepare ourselves for what is to come.

We will go through sacred ritual including:

- Offerings

- Invoking the ancestors and the ancient ones who watch over this third thinning of the veil

- Petitions

- Meditation

- Journeying

- Tarot reading 

- Blessing of sacred amulets and power pieces (optional).

There are two options:

Class only and the kit which includes the new Sanguine Maiorum Ointment and the Winter's Veil Pillar for this particular event. The Sanguine Maiorum Ointment translates to Blood of the Ancestors. This ointment has been in the works for the better part of five years and is intended to shapeshift the wearer to occupy the same space as their beloved ancestors for the duration of astral projection, ritual, journeying and sacred rites. A transportational wearable spell that allows the wearer to have more of a tangible and active relationship with the ancestors that call to them the most. It will be beneficial for those who know they are being called to work with them but cannot communicate properly with them. This is a tool to help exercise your Clairs and open you up the Liminal spaces required for this deeper work. And for those of you who have had deities call to them but cannot access the space to do so, you may find this ritual offering crucial in that work as well.

It will be available for purchase by itself in 2024 but for now will be offered for this event.