Death Weaving

I am a Death Weaver. My job is to receive the dead and guide them on their intricate path towards their destinations which vary and are many. And being of Nephilim, I am honoured in my life’s work. In my solitude I am not held back by pointed opinions and unwanted soliloquy’s on how my path should be followed. My path is very, very lonely and I often go into a depressed state due to the nature of work and even more so, the spaces I constantly visit. This a low vibration work. It’s not bad, it’s different. If you find yourself in this line of work and need reassurance, please you know can reach out. And you’re not wrong for feeling hollow or empty or that you need to distance yourself to regroup. If you work with all types of passed on spirits you’ll go through an array of emotions everyday. This is my purpose here, spiritually and I plan fulfill my life’s work to my last day. I will remove myself when necessary for my mental health and push forward when I am able to. Understand that you have this right as well. When you work within this path a lot of things become really trivial. It puts things into perspective but it can be alienating when many don’t understand. And I don’t just work with my ancestors, I work with the dead in general. Strangers passing through the portals I keep open and work with different kinds of death on a daily basis. My dreams and thoughts are blanketed by this theme. I felt like I should give an explanation for the absences I take. Not because I owe one but because it’s easier to have others understand and because there are practitioners out there that are destined for this path and might feel very alone in their feelings.

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