Fae that are the Black Dog

Black dogs, Padfoot, The Cadejo, Barghest, Shuck, Garmr, (Annwn, Cwn and Cerberus representative of death alone) have been known around the world as guardians of the underworld, hellhounds, specters, and harbingers of death, disaster, and depression. They’ve graced mythologies and folk tales for centuries. For me, they come as a messenger when someone is about to die. They walk into my field of vision and stare at me as I stare at them. I often nod to let them know I've received the message and to thank them and they walk out of view. Everyone's message is different when one appears. Do not get scared, but instead watch for the pattern. You'll notice one the more you see these Guardians. And when you have been visited give thanks. The offering will be personal to yours but always show appreciation.

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