This painting is "Lilith" by Andrei Posea. This is a power and strength that I think many of us aspire to become. While on your path to growth and absolution remember to check in with everything that is human about you. You're a vessel of greatness but you're also a spirit in a meat suit. You need to nuture it. You need to understand that you have those vulnerabilities and that's perfectly fine. In order for us to grow we need to fuck up and succeed. Neither can be omitted. None of us are exempt from this formality. Lilith had to leave everything in order to find her greatness. Sacrifice and growth are paramount. Be human. Be spirit. But be both. Don't let one die out or the foundations will crumble. Talk about your vulnerabilities with someone you can trust. Someone who can understand. If not, reach out to me. Like I always say, this life devotion is hard. It shakes us and exposes us and sometimes makes us forget that we're human so please, remember your humanity. You're not alone. We're all there with you, stumbling through retrogrades and facing death and rebirth phases together.

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