The Arte of Skull Candle Magick: Part 2

In part 2 we will be going over Binding and what it entails.
Skull Candle Magick is a great tool for general spellwork, binding, cursing... honestly the options are endless.
But now that you have a Skull Candle in your possession what do you do with it?
If you are doing any work regarding another and the intention is to curse or bind you really have to take space for yourself and ask if this is truly the right thing to do. The act of binding and cursing especially comes with the price of cord attachment through an exchange of energy. I always ask people if they are:
1. Jealous
2. Spiteful
3. Hurt and therefore being reactive
4. And if the event is fresh as this causes some to be immediately and irrationally reactive
Now if this is a truly justified situation and there are plenty that are worthy I would suggest binding first before you curse. Cursing is heavy and you carry it. Not only that but if it backfires, you take the hit.
Binding allows you to take control of a situation through dressing the candle with oils, herbs, minerals, resins and the individual in questions personal effects (hair, blood, toe nails...). Binding is a gentler way of manipulating someone to stop the pain that they are causing. That being said I have known people to use Skull Candles to work on the Frontal Lobe for a friend to help them with depression or addiction so it’s not always meant to stop a hostile individual.
Below is a diagram of a skull. Through working with the candle itself and knowing the areas of the skull you can truly personalize your experience.
Frontal Lobe:
1. Movement
2. Behaviour
3. Emotions
4. Intelligence
5. Judgment
6. Personality
7. Reasoning
8. Problem Solving
Temporal Lobe:
1. Vision
2. Hearing
3. Speech
4. Memory
5. Sound
6. Understanding language
Occipital Lobe:
1. Vision Interpretation
2. Information Interpretation
Parietal Lobe:
1. Language
2. Pressure
3. Pain
4. Touch
5. Reading
6. Sensations
7. Knowing right from left
Brain Stem/Spinal Cord/Medulla (Be so very careful with this area):
1. Blood Pressure
2. Blood Pressure
3. Heartbeat
4. Swallowing
5. Messages being sent from the brain to the rest of the body for movement and fight or flight response
6. Alertness
1. Balance
2. Coordination
3. Motor skills and learning
4. Fine muscle control
Good herbs for Binding:
Poppy Seeds - Confusion
Ginger - Wards Negativity
Blueberry - Manifests sorrow and misery
Man of the Woods - Brings pain
Red Pepper - Anger or can create the desire to uproot and move
Black Walnut (leaves) - Jinx’s the inflicted luck astronomically
Clove/clover - To halt gossip
Horehound - Honesty
Cinquefoil - Justice
Nettle - To send back a negative spell or intention
Dill - Potent Banishing Herb and useful if you need the target removed from your space
Dressing Oils are also regularly used but we can dedicate another post to just those as there are many and we have a line coming out shortly to aid in that area.
When it comes to dressing the candle itself with the oils it is highly potent to use those herbs in the areas you want to affect. You can take a nail, knitting needle, screwdriver, knife, I have heard soldering iron which does work best and hollow out the areas of the skull (mouth and nose included) with the herbs in the correct designated areas to greatly amplify and set the intention for the work you are putting out.
The spell work or the binding of the candle to manifest into the individual of choice should take a full week to accomplish. A day will not cut it. What you are doing is taking this shape made of wax and filling it with so much intention, identity and emotion that it requires that amount of time to be done correctly. Not only this but while you are mutating this candle you will also need to speak to it. Speak to it like you are talking to the individual themselves. Yell, cry, vent, tell them about what you intend to do as in, “You need to move. You can’t stand this city anymore...”.
On the day when the work is finished and the candle is done you can either keep it on your premises (if you are trying to help someone through something to keep them close) or if you are sending the toxicity away you can leave it at a crossroads you never visit and leave it there. Do not go back to it. Let the universe handle the rest. I have candles that I have used for months and the essence that is imbued within is so palpable. The longer you work and fix your intention into your candle, the stronger it will become.
Part 3 will be about different dressing oils!
Maiden & Crow

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