Amaterasu - Luna - Nyx: The Lunar Cycle Collection

Amaterasu - Luna - Nyx: The Lunar Cycle Collection

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Night Goddess of light

a crown of stars upon your

head haloed and bowed

- Lorraine Marguritte Gasrel Black


Whether the moon is Waxing, First Crescent, Waxing Gibbous, Full, Waning Gibbous..etc working with the moon and observing it has been birthed in us since the beginning of our true beginning.

Something stirs in us as we gaze longingly at her changing lights and shadows. And as she becomes Full we understand her pull and the necessity to incorporate this Lunar energy into our work. It becomes clear that without her very existence, life as we know it ceases to exist. Allotted time frames within this cycle grants us opportunity to work on various important bodies of work. These time periods are long enough that we are able to carry out these tasks, but not long enough to sit idly by.

This set covers all of the Lunar Cycle. Intentions for each are deeply infused in ritual and worked with in meditation. One cannot exist without the other when it comes to acting on this sacred and old body of work.

Sold separately too, these will make a great addition to your ritual and home.

My intention for this set is that they will be used intuitively in ritual and magic. To be applied to tools, spellwork, offerings, the self; whatever way you feel called. DO NOT INGEST.

Blessed be!