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Three sisters weave fate.

One sister to Spin

One sister to Allot

One sister to be Unyielding

The Moirai are transfixed on maintaining order.

Spin. Weave. Sever. 

Atropa or Atropos is the eldest of her sisters, The Fates. Known as "the Inflexible One," or "inevitable," Atropos presided over the thread that orchestrated death and ended the cycle of life for mortals by cutting their threads. She works alongside with her two sisters, Clotho, who spins the thread, and Lachesis, who measures the length.

Atropa is the last stand. When all has been chosen and acted on and out she is the ultimate decision. The death. The end. Rose, Black Amber, and fragrance of Opium and Bourbon form licks of power over the wearer, driving power for the darkest and hardest work.

My intention for this Ritual Oil is that it will be handled intuitively in your Rituals and magic. You can charge your intentions, apply it to your body for a ritual massage, inhaled through breathing exercises, meditation, diffused and applied to other ritual tools to aid in your work.


Contains: A handmade blend of poison garden fragrances intertwined with smoke laced magnolia.

Characteristics: Hypnotic, fragrant and absolute.