Bune Ceremonial Oil

Bune Ceremonial Oil

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The Duke. The Ruler who governs over 30 Legions.

Bune's form is usually a man however many disciples of Lilith say female but Bune represents both and often appears androgynous. Bune does not audibly speak and uses signs however in my experience there is a voice but it only comes to me telepathically. Bune's "demon" form shows Bune as the body of a dragon with three heads (dog, griffin and man). Bune's infernal duties are to remove corpses, haunt cemeteries, and delegate the demons around tombs and the places and spaces of the deceased. Bune is also suppose to grant untold riches and a heightened articulation upon those who serve them. Bune is one of the seventy-two spirits of Solomon (26th Goetic Spirit).

The information card will detail how to work with the Duke in a fashion that will allow you to form still a personal bond with the all that is Bune.


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