Fenrir Beard Oil

Fenrir Beard Oil

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Loudly it sounded,
The horns message clear,
The gods had been warned,
The giants were near.

From Jotunheim to Midgard
To Asgard they came,
Their intent was clear,
Their purpose the same.

Loudly they shouted,
They yelled, and they raged,
The gods and the giants
Were battle engaged.

Thor with his hammer
and Vidar with shoe,
One would think battle
Was all that they knew.

Tyr with one hand
And Frey with no sword,
They should have stayed back,
But of their own accord

Into battle they leapt,
Into battle they ran,
Against the giants
To make their stand.

The moon and the sun,
Luna and Sol,
Went into the bellies
of Hati and Skoll.

Tidal waves crashed
all over the world,
Out of the oceans came
The serpent of Midgard.

Thor ran at the beast,
The great Fenrir Wolf,
But he was soon
In snakes coils engulfed.

Thor pounded away,
He hammered the snake,
But he did no damage,
No dent did he make.

The great Fenrir Wolf
Rushed at Odin,
The god stabbed with his spear,
But the great wolf did win.

Vidar rushed at the beast
With his big heavy shoe,
Kicked in the jaw,
The Fenrir Wolf flew

Away from the battle,
away from the fray,
In the depths of space
The Fenrir Wolf stays.

The gods and the giants,
The battle they fought,
And in the end
it was all for naught.

They destroyed each other,
Each and every one,
And out of the darkness
Came a new sun.

In the sun’s warmth,
A great green was spread,
The great land had died,
And was back from the dead.

Two gods were left,
The young sons of Thor,
They were spared because
they were good and pure.

The gods met with two humans
Who had lived through the strife,
And together they planned
a new and better life.

And for this reason,
The Norse people say,
The gods stay in Asgard
To this very day.

But if in the future
The giants attack,
The gods will come to Midgard,
And they will attack.

Mikeyla S Benzinger


Fenrir Beard and Hair Oil tells the battle of Ragnarök. The strength of character in the face of a tarnished reputation and willing to take off the masks of those who hide behind veils of insidiousness.


Star Notes: Cedarwood, White Fir, Cypress, Verbena

Characteristics: Battle shields scattered in the middle of a forested clearing. Wood and wild herbs perfume the air.

Ingredients: Essential Oils, Infusions, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E.

Made with responsibly sourced and organic oils, herbs, resins, minerals and crystals.

Our offerings to you!

My intention for this Ritual Oil is that it will be handled intuitively in your Rituals and magic. You can charge your crystals (save for anything of the Selenite/Salt family), your intentions and even apply it to your body for a ritual massage, inhaled through breathing exercises, meditation, diffused and applied to other ritual tools to aid in your work.