Hekate: Regina Maleficarum

Hekate: Regina Maleficarum

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Food for the Queen of All.
I dream of her temple, her cave and her garden. The Eternal Mother of All. Master of the Keys and forked tongue of the roads.

Regina Maleficarum.

I sing her song, verses of Chthonia, Enodia and Astrodia.

Amina Mundi, to you I turn. Born of Darkness and Stars, wading in the never ending Waters.

With a serpent blade I carve out the will and the ways to your sacred workings. Never yielding and never dying.

For you this Queen of Poisons is made as your devoted offering.

Hekate: Regina Maleficarum Witch Oil contains specific devotional offerings from Hekate's Eternal Garden, including Aconite.

Therefore, it is ONLY to be used as an offering to Her. Never to be ingested. So stop that. No ingesting or applying it topically. This is my recipe for my workings with Hekate.
I hope you use it responsibly.

For use in ritual work as food to the Mother of Mysteries 🖤

Hail Hekate Soteria 🗝