Hexensalbe Witches Ointment

Hexensalbe Witches Ointment

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Hexensalbe Witches Flying & Shapeshifting Ointment


 I shall go into a Hare,

With sorrow and sych and meikle care;

And I shall go in the Devil's name,

Ay while I come home again.


Origins of a flying ointment was utilized as an herbal salve, ointment or oil that witches used to anoint themselves prior to certain rituals and rites. The components of this flying ointment produced a trance-like state of mind when applied to the skin.

This alteration in our consciousness gives us visions where we can visit both intentional and unintentional locations, and communicating with the spirit world. 

Hexensalbe Witches Flying Ointment is also used to induce the experience of shapeshifting as it is also manifested in the likeness of the Iberian Enchanted Moura, the shapeshifting maidens of Lusitanian folklore.

To shift through the eyes of the Hare.
To dance the liminal threshold of the Toad.
And take flight on the wings of a Crow.
The acumen of the Fetch is sought.
Made in contract with spirit using governed plant, minerals and resins. To be anointed on the pulse points, third eye and throat chakras. Root as well if grounding is especially a task for you. The offering can be wiped away if the effects are too intense for you.
Not meant to be used by those who are pregnant or nursing.
Contains: Wormwood, Fly Agaric, Kava Kava, Mugwort, Poppy, Bay Leaves and Sandalwood.