Lunar Eclipse Ritual Oil

Lunar Eclipse Ritual Oil

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A lunar eclipse often carries profound symbolic significance, representing a time of transformation, release, and renewal. The Lunar Eclipse Ritual Oil was made and charged under the this last Lunar Eclipse on March 25th, 2024.

Lunar eclipses symbolize a period of transformation, both on an individual and collective level. Just as the Earth's shadow partially or completely covers the Moon during an eclipse, this celestial event brings hidden aspects of ourselves and our lives to light. This unveiling process leads to personal growth, as we confront and address aspects of ourselves or situations that need to be transformed or released.

This is an opportune time and sacred energy to release old patterns, behaviours, or emotions that no longer serve us. Just as the Moon temporarily disappears during an eclipse, we are encouraged to let go of anything that is holding us back from reaching our fullest potential. This can involve forgiveness, dissolving attachments, or shedding limiting beliefs.

Following the darkness of an eclipse, there is a renewal and rebirth as the Moon gradually emerges from the shadow of the Earth. This represents new beginnings and fresh starts. It's a time to set intentions for the future and to plant seeds of growth that will blossom in the days and months ahead.

During this deep transient time, we feel more sensitive, intuitive, and connected to the spiritual realm and linear portals. Some people use this heightened energy to deepen their meditation practice, engage in ritual work, or focus on self-care activities.

Lunar eclipses are not only significant on an individual level but also impact the collective consciousness. They can bring about changes in societal structures, cultural norms, and global events. It's a time when the collective psyche is stirred, and issues that have been brewing beneath the surface may come to a head, prompting necessary changes and transformations on a larger scale.

Overall, the spiritual correspondence of a lunar eclipse underscores the interconnectedness of the cosmos and our inner worlds. It invites us to embrace change, release the past, and align with the natural cycles of growth and renewal. By honouring the energy of the eclipse and setting positive intentions, we can navigate its transformative power with grace and wisdom.

I feel personally drawn to this Lunar Eclipse. I love containing wearable spells that I can anoint my tools, my work, myself and various other things that will amplify my work. This small fragment of time holds so much power that being able to harness that energy while in ritual, during it, is such a sacred working. This is the year of the Lunar Eclipse moment where we are being tasked constantly to face people, jobs, events and gauge whether they are important or not for our lives, mental health and future.

Contains: Blue Vervain, Catwort, Chamomile, Juniper Berry, Motherwort, Mugwort, Rosehip, Skullcap and Violet.

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