The Witches Compendium: Ancient Teachings for the Modern Witch

The Witches Compendium: Ancient Teachings for the Modern Witch

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A 13 month Witches guide that gives an understanding of Witchcraft and how to develop the knowledge needed to create your own practice.

In this year-and-a-day course, you will get a thorough understanding of the history and how Witchcraft has developed into modern times.

Each month we will dive into the Sabbats, cultural holidays and go over the basics and techniques to educate and create a confident Witch.

Each month will be a new teaching. Each month will serve to help you create an extensive Grimoire.

This is a course meant to bring Witchcraft back to its foundational roots.

Topics that will be covered are:

- Deities

- Circle Casting

- Plant Magick

- Divination

- Paganism vs. Witchcraft

- Oaths/Initiations

- Astrology

- Sabbats

- Rituals

- Pantheons

- Invocation and Evocation

- Amulets/Talismans/Power pieces

- Binding/Cursing/Hexing

- Sigils/Runes/Bindrunes/Seals

- Paths

If you have felt the calling but have found yourself confused by social media, the over-saturation of practitioners and the lack of real education... this may be for you.

This is a course for those who are serious about learning Witchcraft, Magick, Ritual, Spells, Tradition, Ceremony and the history behind it.

And after the 13 month period is done, you have to opportunity to be initiated as you have completed the work in the year and a day time frame. This can either be done by yours truly, self-initiation or not at all. This is geared for your comfort and what calls to you.

There are two options:

- Class only: Includes all classes, recordings up to a year, PDFs and other activities/handouts

- Class + Chest: Same as above but you also get a chest with commonly used items for spell work and ritual. This is a $50 valued chest. Only 5 are available.

It is time to bring back to the community what Witchcraft looks like at its core and how it finds itself in you. However that develops will be true to your calling.

Welcome home.